The Most Reliable Pest Control Service In Nigeria

Are you having problems with controlling those annoying creepy creatures? Be it a household pests or pests at your place of business, you can get rid of them and enjoy a pest free environment. However, you need to know the type of pests you are dealing with because they react differently due to its diversity in nature. 

An average human thinks insect have a purposeful use in the aspect of Agriculture; some insects produce a vital substance that helps fertilize plants. But in a resident where people spend quality time with their families, harbouring these insects can be nightmarish. The downsides range from dealing with food contamination to circulating diseases. They shouldn’t be found in a home. Have they become your flat mates recently, Yes? You should be thinking of pest control services.


In this period of compulsory quarantine where everyone has to stay indoors, the pest control rate has experienced a surge in homes and offices, many thanks to the coronavirus pandemic. The COVID-19 visited the country like a thief in the night and since then, we have accepted the new norm of practicing total hygiene as well as disinfecting frequently touched surfaces. Asking people to continuously wash their hands or use a hand sanitiser may be doing too little to keep your surrounding at bay. To be able to effectively manage pests, it is advisable to identify the various types of insects, rodents and occasional invaders in order to use appropriate measures to control pests. More important is to hire the service of a professional Exterminator to design an efficient and effective program to manage your pest challenges as well as disinfect your home and business.


Here are a few steps on how you can manually control pests in your homes and offices.

  1. Personal Hygiene; this is the very first step in controlling pests. Little things like washing the dishes, clearing scraps after every meal, proper arrangements to food stocks in our homes, etc. and maintaining proper hygiene keeps rodents far from reach. Unfortunately, many people neglect these things. If you have a habit of procrastinating, you should consider having a schedule. Having a cleaning schedule makes you more aware of your surroundings, in check of holes, Insect moles.


  1. Bait Placement; this is a standard method in pest control because it is instrumental, based on the fact that it is hard to tell when a food is reserved as bait and contains Poison. In terms of controlling pests with poison, it is tactical you place them at their nest or positions where they are likely to be active to curtail the spread of the Poison. It is advisable to place them out if the reach of humans to avoid health damage.


  1. The Use of Productss; the use of products is the last option in controlling pests, product are very reliable if as the last resort are carefully selected and apply by a professional Exterminator. It can also be called pesticide, which could be in the form of sprays and granulated substances, which is highly toxic and harmful to human health. In this case, you should read the instructions properly before using the pest control substance. On the other hand, it is more advisable to use the services of an Exterminator.



Integrated pest management options remain the most reliable to manage pests problems. This is because it leaves no room for mistakes. Fumigation Warehouse approach to the integrated pest management protocols is the best in the industry. Many corporate organisations and private residences swear by the service of Fumigation Warehouse. If you are thinking of the most reliable service, click here.


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