Coronavirus is an infectious disease that is highly contagious and affects people differently. In most cases, it starts with mild symptoms like coughing, loss of taste, sore throat, fatigue, fever, Diarrhea, and other kinds of minor sicknesses caused by infections that can also be treated with appropriate supplements. On the other hand, these symptoms happen to be the same relating to Malaria, Typhoid, including the Ebola disease; but in this case, it reacts to a different cause.

The Coronavirus is deadly and dangerous that starts with minor effects and ends up worse. The outcome; the outcome tends to be worse due to the accumulation of the virus in the respiratory system, and it's a fact that there is no known vaccine for the virus, so it is highly recommended to flush your respiratory system daily with the use of clean water, consistent environmental Fumigation and gives the virus the lowest chance to thrive by wiping out its droplets.

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The research discovered it would take up to a year and few months for the vaccine to be fully developed (it takes long enough to develop an appropriate vaccine that doesn't have worse side effects after use); research has also proven the virus to last longer in a cold atmosphere, so that's why it has consumed more people in the western region of the world; here in Africa where it feels like summer year to year with it hot water, the virus tends to spread on a low pace, and that's why Africa seems to be the safest zone to the pandemic. 

It has exceeded more than a 100days since the African region has experienced the lockdown. It seems like there is no valid progress, yet based on developing the vaccine, the populace in the African region is now beginning to feels the virus is it real. Still, people seem to forget that the effect of the virus comes up after 2-3weeks of accumulation; once it dominates the body cells, it becomes deadly.

Moreover, the media has taken it upon itself to create awareness about the dangers associated with the deadly virus but happens not to be realistic about the contents of their updates. It's natural for people to be fearful. Still, it is not appropriate for the media to feed people with fearful thought, encouraging people to believe that the virus has gone viral and has killed thousands which is not through, at some point nobody thinks the virus is real until the loss of life, most especially prominent people, but that doesn't warrant the publicity of fake news. The virus spreads at a low pace in Africa, thanks to the weather atmosphere. FUMIGATION WAREHOUSE recommends everyone to drink a lot of water(preferably hot/warm water); this helps flush the virus that has been stuck in the respiratory system.

It has been more than a 100days since the lockdown in Nigeria. There has been a lot of incidents about the virus within the country, but only a few who has suffered the loss to the virus is acknowledged due to the prominent public status they control(mostly politicians); the Coronavirus tends to be more active on those individuals who already have health complications.

Furthermore, every other person within the country thinks that the virus is not as deadly as it poses itself to be. Nobody takes the use of protective measures seriously anymore, only a few who have substantial experience and information about the virus believe it's existence. FUMIGATION WAREHOUSE recommends continuation of proper self-protection to curtail the spread of the Coronavirus disinfection of frequently touch surfaces, and adhere to precautionary measures rolled out by the authorities and professionals.

  • Experiencing symptoms like cough, sore throat, fatigue, and fever, you should consult a practitioner to the Corona Virus, i.e.,National Centre For Disease Control (NCDC), for a better health check-up.
  • Proper cleanliness; this doesn't involve constant washing of hands (which is essential) and cleaning the environment, i.e., adequate Fumigation wiping out the unseen droplets. 
  • Avoid socializing; you never can tell who has been contaminated already with the virus, so FUMIGATION WAREHOUSE recommends everyone to practice self-isolation.
  • Avoid touching your face, even though you continuously wash your hands in avoidance to pick random droplets of the Coronavirus lying around unseen.
  • Maintain at least one-meter distance with everyone.
  • Curtail good respiratory hygiene, always sneeze or cough in you elbows but preferably into a disposable tissue and make sure it's disposed properly

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