The biggest threat to the home "Rodents."


The Rodent is mammals with two noticeable incisors that never stops growing. Their teeth can penetrate through anything and also serves as a weapon whenever their lives are being threatened. Like a typical human, Rodents can be found around every corner in the world; in terms of their mammalian nature, it can survive under pressure, develop its skills to beat difficulties in terms of traps, which makes Rodent infestation spread and difficult to control.

Rodents are diversified into a different order of species(more than a thousand different species) under different animal families. The Identification is not difficult because they come with similar physical appearance and structure; the chipmunks, porcupines, rats, Guinea pig, squirrel, marmots, mice hamsters, rabbits, and many more; but the commonest amongst all the Rodents are the Cotton Rat.


Rodents don't feed on a particular type of food; they eat anything available in survival to hunger. Rodents will eat anything as wrong as rotten foods, feces, specks of dirt, which gives them a nasty stench that makes the perfect hosts to fleas. Fleas are also known to be a transmitter of various diseases, which also leaves the Rodents infected and a vector to multiple conditions.


Rodent infestation only results in the spread of diseases. The research discovered Rodents to be the cause of significant diseases the world has encountered (such as; Ebola, the Coronavirus of today, including the Hantavirus, Typhoid, and Malaria Fever).  The disease Rodents spread starts with contaminations of water supply and the food stock. While tampering with your food supplies, they tend to infect it with its saliva, furs, sometimes they tend to sneeze at the moment, and might also drop specks of dirt it has picked randomly from the places they have been.

Moreover, aside from spreading diseases through contaminating food and other consumable supplies, Rodents are capable of being violent using their incisors as weapons for defense when they sense a threat to life. In the process of been bitten, their victims tend to be infected through their saliva.


Rodent control methods

Without a proper inspection, Rodent infestations are quite noticeable; sighting a Rodent could make one realize they possess a strong odor, the infested areas could also be traceable with Their dropping, to the sounds they make while being active, down to the spot where they shelter.

  • Cover up holes where Rodents use as a passage to gain entry into the home. You can also check hidden places like the roof, under the bed, at the back or beneath the shelf, under the kitchen cabinet, cracks in the window frames, and any unusual places where holes or crakes can be seen. Mind you. Rats can enter through the smallest gaps, and they can also climb walls.


  • Using baits with traps helps lure the pest obstructing their intuition from identifying there are trapped—the application of poison to the bait without using traps. FUMIGATION WAREHOUSE recommends placing traps or poison out of children and pets' reach in avoidance to further health complications.


  • The Removal of food and water and other supplies that keeps pest infestations active. Pest like Rodents (especially rat) tends to find shelter where there is a steady supply of food, which makes its escalation in population quicker and spreading its infections rapidly in every corner.


  • Cleaning the specks of dirt that are accumulated by Rodents, in most cases, its infestations could be in the form of droppings (urine and teaches), down to the dead Rodents ( dead Rodents tends to be more worse in terms of contaminating the air, including food and water supplies. While practicing DIY exercise, FUMIGATION WAREHOUSE recommends using protective gears, such as gloves and a proper pick tool (to pick infested things and other of its droppings)

 In terms of proper cleaning up, FUMIGATION WAREHOUSE recommends the appropriate disposal of garbage; the trash bag should be tied appropriately (in most cases, Rodents tend to take the garbage as shelter living as a scavenger.


DIY elimination is only a process of temporary effects, based on the fact that Rodent is a problematic species to eliminate with mere pesticide substances. The employment of a professional Exterminator, like the FUMIGATION WAREHOUSE, uses trained personnel using technology and science to disinfect infestations, which tends to be health-friendly. What's FUMIGATION WAREHOUSE does is using the new IPM operations steadily with the appropriate application, which avoids further outbreaks.

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