Provisions of pest control service

BECAUSE IT'S YOUR HOME. NOT THEIRS.  It's no wonder many customers trust us to protect their businesses, homes and families from the havoc that unwanted intruders can createPests are more than a nuisance – they can compromise your facility’s hard - earned reputation. Fumigation Warehouse understands your need for highly effective pest management and we take a proactive approach to help keep pests out. Our IIS proprietary approach to integrated pest management (IPM) protocols made us a company of choice in the industry. With a guarantee that is unbeatable in the industry, we respond to pest control concerns promptly and ensure total satisfaction with our services. We work around customers schedule, so we can be as discreet and unobtrusive as possible to staff and customers during the business days. Our customers are eloquent testimonies.

No matter what your pest problem or prevention need is, Fumigation Warehouse® Guarantees its services, products and technicians. The Fumigation Warehouse® Quality Certificate proudly posted on thousands of premises is a reassurance for your own clients and a medal of commitment to protecting health, property and the environment from your side.


Fumigation Warehouse® fully guarantees your pest management audit pass:

  • Compliant with AIB supplier or client audit
  • HACCP / ISO22000 compliant
  • Franchise Audit (Mr Biggs, Mc. Donald’s. etc.)
  • SQF  Compliance
  • NAFDAC, SON, etc audit
  • Global Gap Compliance
  • GMPs / GCPs Compliance

You can rest assured to get top scores on your pest management service audit and focus on other sections of your audit.

Sales of pest management products 

Insecticides, rodenticides, pesticides etc products for mosquitoes, rat, cockroach, Ants, fly, and occasional invaders are very effective, reliable, human and environmentally friendly. The best in the world and the country. We partner with the World and Nigeria best products manufacturers. 

Sales of pest control devices and gadgets

We sale tamper resistant bait stations for rodent control as well as construction of custom mechanical rodent control traps, insect light traps etc and recommend the best for effective control. 

Provision of disinfection operation 

The outbreak of the COVID – 19 pandemic has not only reminded us on the need for disinfecting of frequently touch surfaces, desks, tables markets places, bus-stops, etc but our offices, facilities for healthy living. We partners with world’s best and leading biosecurity company as well as leading Nigeria’s companies to help our customer to improve reliability while reducing health and safety risks, preventing virus and infectious before it starts. 

Sales of herbicides and fungicides

Our agro-allied products are highly effective in dealing with pests that attack vegetables, cowpea and cotton. Our products also provides comprehensive cover, economical and cost-effective, flexible and safe. Selective pre-emergence herbicide for sowing and transplanted rice.

Our product against army worm unleash the power in Lepidoptera caring control as well as our Product for nematode control is reliable, innovate, safe and effective. Our weed control Product is efficacy for up over four months

Consultancy services

We offer pest management consulting. More than ten years in the industry, we have been piloting the Integrated Pest Management (IPM) system to embrace! Strategy with the World’s best, pest control organizations in Nigeria helping establishments to strive to stay ahead of pest control needs and respond quickly if an issue does arise as well as helping them maintain a clean and pleasant establishment at all times.