Integrated pest control services in Nigeria

Managing pests is as essential as to the importance of air for breathing, the essence of pest management is to stop food contamination, the spread of contagious diseases (Covid-19, Ebola etc.) and other harmful effects that are evolving with pests.


Integrated pest management is one solution that provides and enhances healthy living and remains the most reliable pest solutions, which is also called Integrated Pest Control. 

The approach to integrated pest management is broad due to the long preventive measures it upholds, and it is considered a professional operation that is to be performed only by an exterminator for effective results.

Services of an exterminator are considered an integrated approach which only has to be performed in specific steps to minimize to pest and in avoidance to further complications. 

However, it aims at reducing health risks and promoting a safer environment, so one wrong step will lead to complications which is why it is advisable to hire the services of an exterminator.

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The integrated pest management applies to any pest-infested atmosphere, be it agriculture, household premises offices or other places where the human activity is usually engaging. 

Due to the covid-19 outbreak and menace that has been a pandemic disruption to lifestyles, businesses academic studies, and other essential lively hoods; which brings about the mandatory exercise of self-isolation. 

On the other hand, self-isolation has to be proper (in terms of adequate hygiene, and consistent fumigation) to curtail the spread of the deadly virus.

The essence of integrated pest management is not just to eliminate pests but to also channel the resourceful elements of pests into being favourable to the ecosystem; In avoidance to further complications, it is necessary to apply the concepts to integrated pest management.

  1. Surveillance and intelligence: this is the first step in IPM to ensure proper operations. In the essence of appropriate inspection which unveils everything in concern to the pests down to the particular type of pest infestation to deal with (insects react to different seasons; the time to breed and the time to fade away), surveillance also unveils the damage already made. On the other hand, for proper intelligence, it is appropriate to document the observation in avoidance to future pest infestations.
  2. Fundamental Classification of Pests: this process tends to be very delicate, once after the comments after inspections and then ignore the specific solutions to control pest infestations (i.e. generalizing pesticides to control pest); this will only lead to further complications. Meanwhile, fundamentals pest identification boosts the effect of IPM using appropriate measures to tackle pest infestations (because pests react differently to different seasons)
  3. Observations to damages: at this stage, pest infestations become more critical that has to be controlled. At the process of surveilling, documented analysis shows how much has been contaminated by pests. In this aspect, damages vary due to the difference in nature of different insects; which brings about the importance of proper pest identification before starting its controlling processes. The vandalism has to be fixed in other to curtail further infestations to more pest; most especially rodents in terms of creating unnecessary holes, food contamination and many more disruptions.
  4. Ascertain effective Thresholds: the application to IPM operations is the core to the main course of studying the pests that's has been a pest, the essence of effective threshold to be tactical about using pesticides at its appropriate positions to tackle pests effectively. Furthermore, once the insects realize their spot for regular activity has been a compromise, insects tend to relocate their operations to other angles of the same environment. With the help of proper documentation to IPM makes the control of pest effective

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After the appropriate Integrated Pest Management measures has been taken, it so more tactical to evaluate the management diagnosis that's been processed to correct mistakes in avoidance to complications and proper Integrated Pest Management operations which also has to be documented.


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