Provision of Disinfection Operation

The outbreak of the COVID – 19 pandemic has not only reminded us on the need for disinfecting of frequently touch surfaces, desks, tables markets places, bus-stops, etc but our offices, facilities for healthy living.  

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Coronavirus Response

As an essential service provider, we remain very operational and ready to serve your needs. To help you get back to business we offer disinfection operation

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About Our People

We attract, develop, motivate and retain the right people based on shared values.

We recognizes that no one can succeed alone. We depend on each other.

We value diversity and treat everyone with dignity and respect.

We guide, direct and influence positively. We lead by example.

All co-workers expect to work in a safe and healthy environment and share the responsibility to support and maintain that environment. By adhering to established safety requirements and by identifying and recommending potential areas of improvement, each co-worker will be a positive role model for health and safety issues.

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