Silverfish are found in any part of the world. Silverfish insects have flattened, long, slender, brown-silvery bodies broad at the front and gradually toward the rear. They prefer high humidity and are often found in heat and moisture areas, commonly found in bathrooms. Silverfish do eat grains in your cupboard or chew large holes in upholstery, clothing, or books as a troublesome pest.

However, of all the pest infestations you are likely to experience, the Silverfish is the most skin-crawling, the next on the list are cockroaches. The Silverfish is mostly creepy and a troublesome pest. Research has proven the Silverfish capable of damaging properties such as wallpaper, books, including clothings with their feces. 



Here are some DIY tips to eliminate Silverfish in your home; pesticides have a lower chance of eradicating this insect. The only way to go through with these tips for an effective pest control plan.

  • Seal Up Food: You might pour out a bowl of your favorite cereal to find a silverfish swimming with its fellow squirming insects. FUMIGATION WAREHOUSE recommends sealing dry foods such as pasta, corn, rice, maize, flour, sugar, and custard. Airtight sealed boxes to prevent Silverfish from reaching these mouth-watering food sources.
  • Lessen Humidity: Research has proven most insects, especially the Silverfish, thrive in humid or moist environments. Remove their perfect conditions using a dehumidifier in damp basements, sealing up broken pipes, and ensuring the bathroom is well vented. Keep out the weather out by sealing up outer cracks with caulk, and with certainty, downspouts and gutters and are clean and free so that water can run through and away.
  • Clear Clutter: Silverfish are also known to be nocturnal; they love hiding in closets and feasting upon old books such as magazines, newspapers, etc. If you accumulate every piece of books that cross your desk, you need to do some disposal. Silverfish are attracted to the scent of old books. Remove the stuff you haven't studied or likely not to study in a long while, and reserve useful items elsewhere in an airtight space, especially if the papers are stored in the basement.
  • Spray Diatomaceous Earth: Diatomaceous Earth (DE) is a white crumbly powder consisting of diatoms' fossilized remains, an algae class. When Silverfish contact DE, it destroys their outer waxy coating, causing them to lose moisture and die. You can spray it around your home and other places you've seen Silverfish. FUMIGATION WAREHOUSE recommends applying it in the evening since Silverfish are nocturnal, it should also be used regularly for significant results. 



  • Traps: To speed up pest treatment, add a few traps into the process. You can also use poison together with traps, intended to trap and poison Silverfish with boric acid. Please place them in hidden spots where you're likely to find the creepy crawlies, like the dresser, bookshelves, and desk drawers, under the sink, and in the basement. Boric acid is highly toxic if consumed, so keep the traps where children and pets can't get access to them and away from where you stock food.


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