FUMIGATION WAREHOUSE: ABCs Of Pest Habitat Modifications


Fumigation warehouse introduced a paradigm shift from the conventional method to the advanced use of sustainable, healthy, safe, and environmentally friendly technologies. It is ethical to make our customers understand that mere products such as pesticides or insecticides should not be the sole objective of pest treatment, usage, and disposal of products within homes or other facilities. However, in terms of adequate and safe pest treatment, our pest control technician's protocols align with the IPM program. It also includes continuous training of our technicians using technology to protect human health and fight pests simultaneously. 

FUMIGATION WAREHOUSE also introduced the ABC formula based on modifying pest appropriately with adequate information in tackling the pest problem, which also has to be health-friendly. The ABC formula is also known as:

A – Acquiring Knowledge: acquiring a foreknowledge about any program happens to be the first step before commencing any operation. Our technicians are highly trained personnel with the best pest treatment programs in pest control using products suitable to human health. On the other hand, before initiating any operation, FUMIGATION WAREHOUSE observes the infested environment to get information about the infestation to know the exact pest on the loose and the damages it has done curtail the spread of the pest infestation.

B – Best Practises: controlling pests is more than using mere products, which could also pose a danger to human health. FUMIGATION WAREHOUSE operates with the IPM protocols (thorough observation has to be practiced). There is a diverse product to be used to control different kinds of pests. FUMIGATION WAREHOUSE recommends the consultation of a pest control technician for advice on the best type of Pest treatment in terms of DIY practices to avoid health complications.

C – Commitment: FUMIGATION WAREHOUSE operates in terms of the IPM protocols (involves a gradual procedure), which treats pests infestation with caution to protect our customer's health. In terms with Pest-control, FUMIGATION WAREHOUSE also offers consultation exercises, full course training programs, and operates on any pest-infested environment such as;

  • Landscaping; this is an overview of the infested area to determine the damages and the solutions to curtail the pest infestation. Without proper observation or inspection, an overview of the pest's damages will be incorrect, and the infested area is likely to encounter further infestation.
  • Garbage Collections; pest is impulsively drawn to damp environment and little specks of dirt. Pests like rodents tend to live in the garbage or trash bin, which tags them a danger to human health once they are loose in your private space. FUMIGATION WAREHOUSE recommends its essential to treat garbages to eliminate the factor that keeps pests active.
  • Exterior Penetration; is another major factor that results in pest infestation. Pest usually invades the home through cracks and holes, windows and doors, and the basement or the attic. These spots are typically hidden or unnoticeable, which is expected to be unveiled via thorough observation. So Fumigation Warehouse closes all routes of pests gaining entry to avoid further infestations.
  • Exterior Lighting; insects are also known to be impulsively attracted to lights, notably bright lights. Predator insects like spiders often invade the home searching for food, feeding on other insects. Dark red nightlights keep the insects away and remove the room night, making it untenantable for pests.
  • Positive Air Pressure; Any exposure before, during, or after a fumigation treatment can be harmful; hence, anyone using fumigants should know their toxic properties and take every precaution to avoid exposure
  • Lunch-rooms; all living things are impulsively drawn to food. It is a common scenario to find all kinds of pests holding a feast in your kitchen or the lunchrooms, which usually ends with leaving food supply infested. Leave the kitchen and air out for at least 30 minutes for do-it-yourself fumigators, Reconnect or reinstall smoke alarms, turn on gas pilots and electrical appliances, and return foodstuffs and kitchen items.
  • General Housekeep; in terms of managing hotel rooms, FUMIGATION WAREHOUSE recommends pest control operations to their regular activities to avoid minor problems that yield significant setbacks. After every process, our technicians educate the hotel maintenance team and housekeepers on consistent inspection of hidden spots to look out for pests and tips on pest treatment's continuous applications.


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