Have pests seized the comfort of your home? Do you need answers to what causes your steady health complications? Are you aware of how much risks you're exposed to on not informed about pest control? Pests are threats to your health and properties; do you know how to identify your pest? You don't need to feel worried about not having a clue on how to control pests; you can hire the service of an exterminator to do the dirty job for you; here are substantially answered questions about pest control you need to know to put your mind at ease:


How do you recognize a termite?

The nature of this creature is to survive on any wooden thing, which ends up at the expense of destroying your properties, trying to feed. Research has proven that termites have killed billions of properties every year. Termite is always mistaken for the Flying Ant due to the same characteristics they portray (they are most likely to be seen after sunset). If you notice any slight changes with your furniture, you should call a licensed exterminator to treat the pest issue before it consumes it all and expands its population and territory.


How to control termite infestation in my home?

Before pest infestations get uncontrolled, it is best to keep pest control in check. For instance, Termite can't eliminate by applying mere pesticides, but a licensed exterminator does the job professionally. They are necessities to be practiced at home in avoidance to Termite infestations:

  • Avoid keeping stall water that not uncovered for long; make sure you preserve your pool correctly.
  • Installation of proper gutter downspouts.
  • Avoid wet environment; Termite naturally is drawn to a moist environment.
  • Placement of gutters meters away from the house.
  • If there is a garden, then constant trimming of its vines and vegetation for proper ventilation.

Practice this exercise in avoidance of Termite infestations, and once experiencing an outbreak, consult a professional exterminator for total pest elimination.


How to control Bed bugs?

These creatures can survive under pressure, making it more difficult for them to control by mere pesticides. The application of small pest control substances might only reduce the bed bugs half of its population, and the rest of them tends to change their hiding spot, which gives them the chance to reproduce and expand in population. Always employ the exterminator to do the job in dealing with pests like bed bugs.


What causes bed bug infestation?

As the name implies, "bed bugs" does not mean it can only be seen on the bed, this insect is transient, and they also evolve quickly, which is why it is hard to eliminate pests like bed bugs. If you don't have bed bugs yet in your home's, that is because you maintain a tidy environment, which means you are likely to pick up from public places you have visited (library, public transit, places of worship, etc.). This insect can maintain stealth movements, so proper inspection leads to pest infestation remedy.

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How do professional exterminators eliminate pests?

What will a professional do? The first step is to inspect the pest infested area; this tells how much they might be in population and the damages that have been made aside from the obvious ones. In the process of thorough inspection enables the identification of the particular pest infestations; for instance, not only Termite feeds on wood, but the likes of carpenter Bees also feed on woods. On still, it is a different method used in tackling various insects. After identifying the pest comes the technique that is to be used to deal with a pest infestation, one wrong step might be risky to human health. So it is advisable to leave pest controls to the professionals.

The modern pest control techniques are called Integrated Pest Management (IPM) or Integrated Pest Control (IPC), and it is practiced by only trained professional exterminators worldwide. There is more to integrated pest management than just inspecting the infested area and identification of pests. It also uses the health-friendly pest infestations solutions, and also applies the vacuum procedure that discourages pest for further infestations.


Which type of pest considered a health threat?

Any creature categorized as a pest is a threat to human health; in terms of insects, the likes of bed bugs and mosquitoes are the blood-sucking kind, which makes them more dangerous than others. After sucking blood, they tend to leave unhealthy fluids behind, and this reacts negatively to the health resulting in sickness. On the other hand, the different type of insects that eat your food supplies tends to contaminate your foods, leaving them exposed, and it becomes unhealthy to human health. Rodents, on the other hand, are much worse in terms of food contamination, having been to various dirty places that aren't health-friendly.


Why is it essential to hire an exterminator?

If you followed this article from the top, you would understand that the application of mere pesticides has a lower chance of eliminating a pest, unlike a professional who went through training to use modern technology to eliminate pest infestation

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