Rodents are impulsive nuisance creatures. Pests can take control of the world, they possess some stealthy skills. Based on survival skills, mammalian pests are second to none outsmarting traps, baits, and sneak attacks are not often effective tactics in self-defense against predators. Moreover, mass reproduction ensues and the frustrating havoc starts.

At FUMIGATION WAREHOUSE, we practice the IPM methods of controlling pests. It’s about understanding the pest condition, then the application of the appropriate approach to control pest, in terms with protecting our client's investment and assets: be it a business, or a home, not to tarnish the brand’s reputation. Our approach is one that will prevent rodents from damaging personal assets.


In the daily conduct of business operations, in terms of bad observations, it is easy to overlook potential rodent signs of infestation. Here we particular things that make the commercial area prone to rodent infestations.


Rats are mammals, and they can think which also enhances their survival skill. A rodent can easily navigate the thinly-strung phone and cables and wire in a blink of an eye.  Not even traps can be good enough to deter these challenging pests from getting satisfaction at the expense of ruining your properties.


Your Business Can Survive a Pest Infestation.

Pest infestations can have a truly devastating impact on businesses ruining the reputation of the brand, long-term loss of revenue, legal implications in severe cases (further distribution of contaminated products.

Inadequate pest control treatment results in multiple problems in the long run. For instance, your favorite restaurant might get enforced to close down it the establishment has been tested of existing Pest infestation. Legal Authorities will be enforced to order the cessation of operations in the primary section of the restaurant during an inspection of the premises. To determine serious risks to the safety of the food being processed and as such, were authorized to the further distribution of sales– in this case, by closing the business from engaging in further operations until the environments were properly treated and no longer a risk to public health.





Pest Problems That Pose a Threat to Businesses.


Health Hazards

There are various kinds of diseases related to pests as its vector. Due to previous pest control operation, it came to our notice that a pest-infested area damages properties and also contaminate consumable materials such as drinkable water, and food supplies, for instance, consume some contaminated food, or come in contact with a contaminated surface or material

Urine and droppings or feces from pests like birds, bed bugs, rodents, and cockroaches all present health risks such as hantavirus and salmonella. Furthermore, bird feces can also be unsightly it leaves an awfully, lingering smell that is also slippery causing a slipping hazard for customers.

Defects like this always lead to a compensation claim that has been made against your brand, which also provokes the laws of an environmental health investigation, and will then end up with the inevitable reputational damage.

Reputation wreck.

As a customer you spot the worst kind of scenario of pest infestations such as a mouse or a rat in within the restaurant outlet, with you as a concerned customer you will not hesitate in making a complaint, will likely never return, and you will tell your friends and family all about it as a discussion topic. While indirectly creating a pest awareness to be heard online. In this case, information like this usually reaches the notice of local authorities, who usually follow up with an investigation. Once the outlet is tested and found to have pest control hiccups; this scenery usually ends with the temporary close down until the infestation is resolved.

Scenarios like this should be avoided by all means, once a reputable image is wrecked it becomes more challenging in attracting customers again – which eventually results in lesser customers patronizing your business. In other words, prevention is better than cure, that that is why it is mandatory to employ the services of a professional pest control technician to process the appropriate pest treatment. This move removes any threat to a business reputation. 

Damage to Personal Properties

Pests, of course, are nuisance and wild make a living from scavenging whatever food and materials they can find, while rodents chew through things using their incisor teeth that continue to grow throughout their lifespans. Talking about Rodents, both rats and mice will gnaw at wood, metals, concrete, and even electrical wiring, which usually comes with its own risk of fire. They will also gnaw at any stock of food then will eat, and contaminate food if they get to it.

While Birds on the other hand often clogs-up gutters or drains and downspouts, usually ends with floods with their nests and the nests itself are made of dried materials such as grass, weeds, straw, and feathers; this is potential materials for a fire outbreak, especially when placed near electrical appliances.


Fumigation Warehouse Pest Control

Protecting your business with insurance does not cover your business to be protected against a pest infestation. Use the service of a pest control technician, it is an ideal solution to pest infestations is to employ with pest control experts.

Fumigation Warehouse is a pest control company, we have trained technicians and executing operations to pest control strategies for the commercial environment.

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