Coronavirus updates: NCDC research development


The spread of the Coronavirus increases every minute of the day, infecting people from other infected people. Based on research and scientific development on the vaccine, the number of deaths recorded daily tends to be on the rise, which equals up to 12 deaths in each 24hours. Scientific research discovered the transmission of the Virus seems to be evolving.

The NCDC has published a new update concerning the numbers of the Covid-19 cases recorded, more than 12 deaths on a daily within 4 States in Nigeria (Lagos, Abuja, Enugu, and Gombe) as at th 12th of July, 2020, indicating that the transmissible Covid-19 Virus now happens to spread airborne indoors via droplets hanging in the air. Meanwhile, droplets stay in the air for more than 45minutes.

Concerning the latest updates on Covid-19, WHO also noted factors based on why the Coronavirus seems to be contaminating air indoors. Since individuals are to be exposed, the public atmosphere, in essence, to keep their source of income standard, and also steady the flow of the economy. People tend to spend more time in public spaces and neglecting safety measures like keeping a distance, at least 1 meter away from another person (though the Coronavirus droplets can also go as far as 4 meters). A room with poor ventilation tends to spread the droplets hanging in the air rapidly.

Analysis of Research Data From NCDC 

  • Due to the rapid spread of the virus Coronavirus increases the mortality rate based on other health complications which boost the effect of the damages the Covid-19 poses. Health complications like cancer and type 2 diabetes, also in result to old age makes an individual prone to further complications to the Covid-19 if experiencing severe symptoms.
  • The NCDC also noted that the transmissible Covid-19 Virus tends to be highly contagious. In terms of contaminating air, increasing the possibility of air to be filled with droplets of the Virus, which also makes Covid-19 Virus evolve to be airborne. Since people no longer comply with the use of protective measures, exposing the respiratory system to the droplet hanging I the air under a less ventilated environment to be inhaled.
  • Furthermore, people tend to focus more on the vast amount of droplets that are released and then lands on surfaces through respiratory symptoms such as coughing and sneezing, also goes viral into smaller droplets contaminating the air. Without the use of Face mask, an individual tends to be more prone to getting infected and also promote the spread of the Virus to contaminating indoor spaces.
  • NCDC also noted that in terms of smaller droplets,  easily infect individual by merely talking, touching the mouth, or inhaling the tiny droplets (which tends to be airborne and spread in the respiratory system). Aside from regular hand washing and covering the face with a mask, individuals should consistently disinfect surfaces (alcohol-based substances and bleach are also active) and even disinfecting the contaminated air with adequate ventilation.
  • The WHO also noted that the transmissible Covid-19 Virus is transmissive form already infected person experiencing its symptoms, the individual tends to contaminate the air. And this is commonly transmitted in the medical sectors, regularly experiencing prolonged air contamination which requires regular disinfection of surfaces and adequate ventilation with enough protective gears.

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