The Coronavirus outbreak that took millions of lives globally destabilized the world's economy and livelihood (the loss of jobs and income). Historians have tagged the pandemic as the greatest to have happened to humanity since the world faced the worst recession in the 1930s; in this case, the virus also disrupted the services of the healthcare system (hospitals), which is supposed to be where the solution should be derived. Still, hospitals happen to be the most dangerous place for now.

Moreover, it has been five months and counting since the world has been practicing the lockdown exercise due to the Covid-19 outbreak, which started in the last days of 2019, in the food market of Wuhan, Dec 2019. The spread of the Coronavirus became viral crossing through countries around the world rapidly (especially the Asian and European regions). As of the 11th of March, the world health organization had to intervene declaring Covid-19 a pandemic and how to curtail the spread of the Coronavirus. The Covid-19 effectively attacks the respiratory system, which is primarily transmissive form person to person from respiratory droplets from infected persons.

The Nigerian Center For Disease Control has also updated their routine and strategies to curtail the spread of the virus based on extensive surveillance of both infected persons and those free from the infection. In terms of oversight, Data management based on the information's gotten from tested patients has to be accurately measured because the Coronavirus has proven to be unpredictable and deadly, which calls for careful management, In avoidance to further spread of the virus.

It's been five months since the lockdown; However, the world is still in crisis; there seems to be a positive effect on the environment. With individuals globally, in terms of enough private space, less pollution is released in the air. On the other hand, the progressive change I the attitude of Human putting race aside aiming at working together promoting peace and care in making the society safe again; individuals in the health sectors risking their lives striving to save the infected patients; different countries putting their resources together to provide emergency aid, and also to develop the vaccine.

Furthermore, the existence of Technology has been a useful tool in making the lockdown a success, interns of communication (meetings are held online without physical contact). On the other hand, Technology to study and to make research speed up the development of the vaccine. Meanwhile, countries like Russia and the United States took advantage of Technology to develop the vaccine for the Covid-19.

  • The Gamaleya Institute is the research facility stationed in Moscow that has been working on the production of the vaccine for Covid-19. It happens to be a success, which means it has been tested, but yet to be approved due to paperwork. The Russian health minister Mikhail Musashko revealed that the campaign on mass vaccinations is set to commence in October.
  • Meanwhile, the Johnson & Johnson (J&J) is an American pharmaceutical company also trying to develop the vaccine for Covid-19 which has been a success due to the testimony of the vaccine to be safe with a single dose on other animals such as monkeys. Still, it is yet to be tested on humans. Dr. Paul Stoffels, ( Chief Scientific Officer of J&J),  in a telephone conversation with Reuters, said, "the recent test outcome gives us confidence with  a single dose vaccine in this epidemic and learns if it has a protective effect in humans."

Moreover, before the vaccine is approved, it has to be ensured that it is safe for human health to avoid further health complications. Many of the countries that were earliest and hardest hit by Coronavirus, such as Asia and Europe, and those that were most successful in controlling the disease, such as South Korea and New Zealand, have put green development alongside health the heart of their COVID-19 recovery strategies.

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