There is a common jovial expression we are all familiar with that states “Sleep tight. Don’t let the bed bugs bite”, this saying has come a long way for over centuries from now since humans have been battling with the nuisance of a creature, BED BUGS. the bed bugs are impulsively quick travelers and can easily multiply in population in a blink of an eye, calamitous to homeowners and families.

What do bed bug bites look like?  

Bed bugs are tiny blood-sucking insect which can also be classified as a vampire, they are nocturnal and feed on the blood of animals and humans. Their bite happens to be painless but the aftermath of the bite usually appears in red, itchy bumps comparable to that of flea bites and mosquitoes. Unlike other kinds of pests, bed bugs manage to bite in lines and clumps, dropping spots of reddish bumps on the surface. If you notice patterns on the skin that relate to zodiac constellations in the night sky, the bed bug is likely to be the culprit.

Whenever bed bugs bite, it inserts an anesthetic or anodyne just so their host does not know they are being bitten. in other words, it enables them to feed undetected for up to ten minutes before it wears off. These creatures usually thrive at night while we are asleep and very rarely bite in daylight, that is why they are regarded as vampires. Bed bugs usually feed on any part of the body but impulsively drift from opened skin like the hand, neck, face, and arms. Bed bugs can stealthily crawl it way inside your clothing to feed, but can’t bite through clothing


How Long Do Bed Bug Bites Last?

A bite usually lasts up to fourteen days, but take only three days to develop on the skin and roughly fourteen days for it to disappear. Reactions are likely to differ by person. Those with delicate or irritable skin usually observe these signs in after a bite and it may take up to three weeks before it disappears. while a few others might exhibit a harsh allergic reaction called anaphylaxis which demands paramount pharmaceutical care, while others might never notice a bite at all. it is essential to understand and recognize these signs to be able to confirm bed bug activity in your home if there is a need to curtail further infestations.

PS: Avoid scratching wounds because this will worsen symptoms, leading to soreness and infection.


Bed bugs impulsively prefer human hosts, they are also known to feed on pets or animals in general. The animal fur poses as an excellent hiding spot, FUMIGATION WAREHOUSE recommends it is essential to keep these personal pets clean to avoid bed bug eggs being laid in their furs. Bed bug bites in dogs resemble a rash, you might notice your pets licking, scratching, or gnawing at their skin, this is a substantial sign to look out for spotting; dried blood or bed bug feces in fur or bedding are key to discovering their presence.


How To Counter Bed Bug Bites While Sleeping.

A female bed bug usually lays hundreds of eggs in its lifetime, so restraint is key in avoiding an infestation. Bed bugs usually leave behind traces of evidence on spots where there have been active, such as eggs, shed skin, blood spots, fecal stains, and musty odor. 

  • Reconsider using white mattress bedspread to reduce possible hiding spots. Covering your mattress with white, or light-colored sheets will reveal thriving invaders. For further precautionary methods, you can also acquire a pre-treated bedspread: this will kill bed bugs on contact. 
  • Bed bugs usually start their infestation programs in stitching of mattresses and bedsprings for effortless access to humans, they also thrive in cracks in walls or floors, furniture, clothing, curtains, and tight areas such as electrical vents. To reduce the threat of bed bug thriving in these areas, it is mandatory to vacuum-clean daily and avoid disarray in your home.
  • Nevertheless, if you notice bed bugs increasing in populations in your home, then you have a bed bug infestation. Discovering a bed bug infestation happens to be overwhelming, but FUMIGATION WAREHOUSE assures you’re not alone. roughly 75% of Nigerians have encountered a bed bug infestation first-hand. The good news is, FUMIGATION WAREHOUSE fights these battles for homeowners daily. Call us today for the professional treatment you can count on.



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