The mosquitoes are also the kind of insect that is attracted to a humid atmosphere, which means they tend to be more comfortable with the summer season. At this point, pest control is supposed to be applied to curtail the spread of insect spreading disease. In finding a host to feed on, mosquitoes, ticks, and bed bugs always lookout for a warm-blooded host.


Research has proven that the type of insect that finds it comfortable feeding on the warm-blooded host also aims to balance their body temperature, most likely the female mosquitoes. They need heat to produce eggs. The female mosquitoes are also known for transmitting diseases (especially Malaria, Yellow Fever, Zika Fever, etc.).



Having Mosquitoes on the loose will only result in health complications and the expansion of its population; this insect thrives on sucking more blood to boost its ability to reproduce in less than 14-days. The only way to avoid having health issues is to partake in pest control activities. Instead of avoiding mosquitoes from only biting on hosts FUMIGATION WAREHOUSE recommends, it is best to eradicate its existence around your environments with this few tips:


  • The Use Of Mosquito Barriers:  The application of an extra net aside the window in the house is the first step in avoiding mosquitoes; this helps keep the mosquitoes outside while the home is still ventilated (only air comes in but the restricting the passage of mosquitoes). Mosquitoes are known to nest in any moist surface; this fact proves that once the insect finally penetrates the home gives a higher chance of suffering from contaminated water storage. On the other hand, applying a treated mosquito net above the mattress is another means of fumigation.


  • Avoid Keeping Static Water:  Mosquitoes are attracted to odors (even clean water that is not adequately stored tends to develop odors). Mosquitoes are known to nest in any moist surface, making it the best place for the mosquitoes to lay their eggs, which leaves the water contaminated. If it is the case of maintaining a pond, it is advisable to breed a fish that feeds on mosquitoes, i.e., the minnow fish, or guppies. These animals keep the pond pest free.




  • The Use Of Body Repellent For Mosquitoes:  Body repellents contain chemicals for pest control that contains DEET. This type of pesticide is safe to use, even for pregnant women, but it is advisable to look for irritation on the skin(some skin are more sensitive) in avoidance of further complications. FUMIGATION WAREHOUSE recommends the proper use of DEET (to be applied on the knees, ankles, feet, wrists, or the spots where mosquitoes are likely to bite). It is advisable to read the directions that come with the repellent product for safe usage. Aside from using DEET, FUMIGATION WAREHOUSE is also recommending using organic repellent like Oil of lemon eucalyptus, but it is not advisable to use kids below the age of five.


  • Avoid Staying Outdoors From Dusk — Dawn:   Insects like mosquitoes tend to feed during the late hours of the day when the weather is settling. It does not mean mosquitoes don't feed during the day, but unnecessary exposure to these insects makes an individual more prone to be fed on and could lead to health complications. If there is the need to be outdoors all night, it is advisable to take proper precautions, like don't wear light-colored clothes, and thick clothing prevents mosquito penetrations or mosquito use repellent to control pests.




  • Avoid Being A Target: research has proven why some people experience more mosquito bites than others. If you started reading from the top, you would understand where I mentioned that mosquitoes are attracted to odors; in this case, body odor is another reason to attract mosquitoes. The body odor could be in excess consumption of beer or lousy skincare habits like not bathing regularly. Furthermore, research also proves that individuals with specific blood group like O and A blood type tend to attract mosquitoes. So spending more time under an air conditioned room gives a better chance  not to be noticed by mosquitoes.

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