We offer the most effective way to deal with operating commercial pest infestation discreet. Early intervention is key. Whether you are experiencing rodents or stored product pests infestation, the earlier you get a professional pest control technician to intervene in the infested area, the betterment. It is crucial for you and your staff to observe any pest activity in your establishment to ensure professional pest control technician to intervene as early as possible.

These are five enlisted signs of a commercial pest infestation that you and your staff are likely to identify.


Pest Droppings

Pest droppings are the well-known sign off a pest-infested area.

  • Thoroughly check your establishment and all surroundings for any fecal droppings or traces of urine. The waste
  • Rodents usually release very easy to spot, but the waste from smaller pests, like bed bugs, is often harder to sight.
  • A thorough inspection is mandatory; to instruct all staff, especially in hostels, such as housekeeping or the cleaning staff in a hospitable facility, to inspect all furniture, floors, bedding, walls, cracks, etc. for any proof of pest infestations (droppings).



Evidence of A Lair

Rodents are known impulsively make lairs out of whatever they have at their disposal, including specks of dirt, grass clippings, shredded paper, and leaves; this is material used by pests to build a lair. They impulsively hideout in discreet spots like beneath flooring or in between walls. Thence, exercising thorough daily inspections for signs of a pest lair is crucial.


Footmarks and Foot-Print Tracks

Foot-print tracks is also a noticeable sign of a rodent infestation. Rodents such as mice or rats tend to migrate by the same trail. They impulsively leave a telltale grimy trail.

Rats are also known to run parallel on walls, and they usually leave dark Grimy trails wherever they go.


Substantial Damage to Properties

Visible damage to your properties, such as gnaw marks and holes, is enough evidence of a pest infestation. Rodents love to chew, so gnaw marks on furniture or wiring is a noticeable red flag. Holes in floors or walls are also signs of a pest infestation. Look out for damaged wood, such as wooden furniture and outdoor wooden decks.  Termites impulsively damage woods as their means of feeding is a major sign of a termite infestation. If you notice unusual property damage, contact a professional pest control technician is mandatory to help identify any underlying or visible pest infestations.


Contaminated Food Stock

Keep an eye out for rodent dropping as trails, as well as gnawing on the edges of boxes, and see droppings in water; gnaw bites on cereals can also be evidence of pest infestation. If you leave your meal open and find droppings are also signs of an infestation, it may be caused by a rodent, cockroaches, weave, house flies, or other pests.

Fumigation Warehouse Pest Control

Protecting your business with insurance does not cover your business to be protected against a pest infestation. Use the service of a pest control technician, it is an ideal solution to pest infestations is to employ with pest control experts. Fumigation Warehouse Pest Services is devoted to solving commercial pest infestations. Our professional service pest control technician understands the integrated policy and requirements of the application of different pest treatment.

Fumigation Warehouse is a pest control company, we have trained technicians and executing operations to pest control strategies for the commercial environment.

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