The Coronavirus is tagged highly contagious, which means its quickly transmitted, either from person to person or from touching infected surfaces or getting infected by pests (which seems to be the source). With the absence of the vaccine, World Health Organizations (WHO) recommends using protective gear like sanitizers, the regular face mask, self-isolation, and proper hygiene (regular disinfecting operations) to curtail the spread of the Coronavirus in terms of lifting the ban on reopening schools and businesses.



Self-isolation (in prevention to get infected or infecting others) effectively curtails the spread of the Coronavirus; the exercise was instructed by the Centre for Disease Control (CDC) since the elderly (age 40 and above) are more prone to the risk of been consumed by the Coronavirus. The exercise does not stop the involvement of other activities like the resumptions of schools and the reopening of businesses, in essence, to balancing the economy. 



The Nigerian Centre For Disease Control (NCDC) provided isolation centers with equipped facilities and also enlisted appropriate guidelines, in essence, to safeguard lives that will be publicly exposed. The exercise was proposed on disinfecting household premises, but it is also applicable to practice on public spaces (like the library, schools, banks, hospitals, etc.)


  • Individuals Should Maintain A Healthy Diet (Proper Vegetable And Vitamin-C Diet): The recent updates to the covid-19 virus explain that the elderly experience severe symptoms, especially those who already have health complications diabetes, cancer, weak immune systems, chronic heart conditions etc.—maintaining a sound immune system in terms of adequate dieting, eating more food that contributes more vitamins to the immune system (all kinds of vegetables and fruits). The elderly need to protect their immune system from reciprocating the immune system protecting its cells from viruses or bacteria.


  • Draft A Cleaning And Disinfecting Routine Covid-19 is a type of virus that spreads in the form droplets, and it lasts up to 4-5days or longer, which also depends on the kind of surfaces. Once an infected person sneezes it stay in the air up to 45mins, droplets stay on clothes up to 12hours, droplets stay on glass, metal, paper, and woods up to 5days, on surfaces like plastics, its stays up to 9days, droplets also remain on the skin for only a few minutes. Still, it does not penetrate through the skin unless you touch your face with your hands. FUMIGATION WAREHOUSE recommends disinfecting recently touched surfaces, the exercise has to be practiced regularly and thorough, as a continuous routine.


  • Be Certain Your Pest Control TechnicianAre Professionals With Strict Training: Pests are known to be the primary source of the virus; pests are other life forms that are not compatible with humans, which has to be eradicated. The methods used in this process are mostly toxic substances, which will also create complications to human health if exposed to it, making it a rare element that can only be used by a certified Pest Control Technician who has gone through with its training programs. The job of a Pest Control Technician does not only limits to controlling pest, but also extends to cleaning its infections and making the environment safe for living.


  • Continuous Usage Of Tips Provided By The Pest Control TechnicianTo Prolong Its Effects: Before the Pest Control Technician does a job, he inspects to identify the infected area, and it causes, to know the specific element to use. A professional also knows every treatment comes with a long-term effect, in terms of continuing the fumigation therapy, subconscious activity like neglecting specks of dirt jeopardizes the impact of a fumigated area. Communicate with the Pest Control Technician to know the dos and don'ts of the disinfected area. (Ps: create a schedule for easy access like schools and business places that will be experiencing more activities).


  • Regular Cleaning Of Frequently Touched Places In Schoolyard And Business Premises For A Safe Environment: In terms of self-isolation, it does not prevent the engagements of other activities, like schools and businesses that have resumed its operations and personal visitation of family and friends. In terms of experiencing these activities, it is likely for an individual to get infected by touching doorknobs, staircase rails, using public transit, and other factors that lead to the spread of the coronavirus. So the regular cleaning of touched surfaces, also boosts the impact of a recently fumigated area, like continuing the job of a Pest Control Technician.


People often ask questions to get informed about the most effective way to practice proper Fumigation. Nevertheless, the DIY method is efficient but serves a temporary effect, making the environment prone to getting infected or infested again. 

FUMIGATION WAREHOUSE implements a certified Pest Control program, applying Science and Technology in terms of the policy to control pests and bacteria on infected areas, which is also related to the Green Seal expertness, and well proficient in using sanctioned disinfecting products prior to reducing toxic chemical. 

FUMIGATION WAREHOUSE operates with high-class Pest Control Technicians, a full course training applying adequate chemicals in disinfecting operations, 


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