Bugs are naturally annoying, creepy, and stealth in nature, be it the electronic device or the insects; in other words, the word bug also substitutes as a Pest. So, when talking about bugs, bed bugs are the worst kind of bugs (pests) to deal with due to the adverse effect it imposes on human health, making it a pest control necessity. The name “Bed bug” explains that it’s commonly found in unnoticeable spots like the bed and usually unnoticed. The bed bug has been in existence for thousands of years and can maintain stealth movements, so it makes them reproduce so quickly and expanding its population undetected.


Bed bugs feeds by sucking on blood only, and it has to be warm-blooded animals, which means that it can also prey on other animals, such as fowls, birds, goat cats, dogs etc. The bed bug has 2 antennae-like regular insects with six legs, and has an oval shape that looks like it has wings but doesn’t fly (but moves very quick and stealth). Erstwhile to feeding, it tends to reproduce very fast and ages very fast as well (ages fast with constant feeding); in less than a month, it can develop to a full adult. This insect (bed bug) can live for a long time without proper feeding, but only slows their aging process, and this means they can also live in empty spaces (empty apartment).


In this period of self-isolation, it is advisable to keep pest control in check to prevent further health complications. At the same time, while you are staying indoors (the bed bug tends to be active where there is the utmost human activity). Research has proven people with health complications tend to be more prone to contact the Coronavirus, so it is best to keep your space pest-free with the best fumigation treatment.

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Pest infestations can only be a success in a dirty environment, which also boosts the pest damages to human health. Before treating your home to be pest-free, you need to identify where bed bugs take refuge to avoid so as they avoid a compromised hiding space such as Mattresses, Holes is wallpapers, Upholstered furniture, Corners inside dressers, Curtains, Bed frames, Box springs, Edge of carpets etc.



The stealth nature to bed bugs makes it challenging to realize that one has is bitten (it is painless and makes no sound). It makes it more difficult to tell if it is undoubtedly a bed bug or another kind of insects. But whenever you Experience Unusual Itchiness, Red Spots, Roughly Arranged Bite Marks, Skin Rash, Bite Marks On Unusual Places (Necks, Arms, Faces &Hands) And Unusual Dizziness Etc.  Tells a lot about bed bug infestations.


Manual pest control tricks to curtail bedbugs infestations

Self Inspection:  Socializing is an incautious activity that makes an individual unaware of places the individual has been (unusually public places like the hospitals, library, seats in transports, schools, places of worship etc.). Proper laundry, cleaning of equipment/accessories used on a trip, prevent bedbug infestations when cleansed immediately and adequately.


Purchased Fairly-Used Products:  When buying a used product or renting a new apartment, take your time to give it a proper inspection and cleansing because bed bug infestation might be the reason of the sale (bedbug can live for a long time without proper feeding, this means they can also live in an empty apartment), proper fumigation on the product or apartment to be pest-free before welcoming it (a) home.


Cleaning Environment:  Maintaining a clean environment is easy (when it’s a daily routine) but only tricky for someone who is used to a dirty environment. If you have suffered the bed bug infestation, it is advisable to go for medical check-ups in avoidance of health complications, then the employment of the exterminator for total pest termination.

Bed bug inspection: pests inspection is the initial step in proper fumigation. It identifies the pests, looks out for traces (shed skins, egg cases, cracks on the bed frames and other insects hiding spot) and enables you to know the appropriate pesticides to use. This insect is known to be very stealth. Therefore, after applying substances to all pests, the bed bug can maintain its hiding spot; that’s why it feels like your home might still suffer pest infestation after applying all sorts of substances. The exterminator has better ideas about giving the best inspection and applying it to the appropriate substances in dealing with identified pests.


Fumigation warehouse is known to use the Integrated Pest Control methods in dealing with stubborn pests like bed bugs, which also makes it safer on human health to use our exterminatory services rather than using chemical substances ill to the heath. 

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