Pests are consistent creatures to property owners and humanity as a whole. Pest can invade your homes unannounced without knowing until the damages have been done, which could affect your health, properties, or environments. Aside from damaging properties, most of these pests pose a threat to contaminating food supplies in your home's or warehouse. Here are the listed common insect you're likely to encounter which represents a high level of risk to your properties;


Bed bugs are insects that feed on humans (or any other warm-blooded animal), which tends to leave behind substances that are unfavorable to the health. They are commonly found in the crevices such as the narrow crack on the walls, in the mattress, on the couch, behind paintings, basically any hidden place he homes. Bed bugs are challenging to be controlled, which makes them very mobile, and it is commonly found in public areas and unkept environments.



Flies are unpleasant creatures that perch around carrying pathogens, causing food poisoning and blood infections when exposed to flies. House flies feed on garbage, feces, rotten foods, and other filthy things. House flies are also common, but they are not hard to control. Adequate sanitation and the application of vinegar stops house flies naturally.



Moths are pests commonly found eating furniture, fabrics but mostly clothes. They also feed on animal's fiber, feathers, silk, etc. When you start noticing holes in your clothes, that's a significant sign of moth infestation. They tend to be the cause of substantial damage and boost their ability to breed quickly.



Roaches are a pest that carries dangerous diseases contaminating food and water supply. Cockroaches are mostly found in damp Environments such as leaky taps or pipes. They are also attracted to a dirty environment (which is likely to be found in the messy kitchen). Cockroach bite often swells and is known to cause lesions and irritation. Unlike other kinds of pests, roaches lookout for the best-hidden place to hide, mostly in cracks in the kitchen, which is likely to be littered with food supplies.



These species of ants enter through the smallest openings, and the most conducive place they nest is in any available wooden material. The carpenter ants cause the most damages to pieces of furniture or any other wood material. This pest is not difficult to control, but it needs to be exterminated, it is recommended to seal all available openings.



These insects are relatively similar to moths in terms of behavioral attitude, and it is the larvae of the Carpet Beetles that feed on clothes, fabrics, and leave holes behind. On the other hand, when the Carpet Beetles advanced to an adult stage, they tend to feed on nectar and pollen grains. The infestations of this pest are profoundly disturbing and should be exterminated.



The flea is a small wingless insect that jumps, and it is also tagged as a parasitic insect, which also sucks blood, but it is common amongst animals such as dogs, cats, cows, etc. Applying a flea treatment is the best method of flea prevention in treating an infested pet. On the other hand, flea infestations should be controlled by the pest control technician.



Wasps are flying insects known for their nasty stings, and they also pose a danger to properties. Keep children and pets out of reach of their nest until there are 100% exterminated by a professional pest control technician.



Mosquitoes are flying insects that also feed on blood (especially warm-blooded animals). They are attracted to body temperature, especially the carbon dioxide we exhale. The female mosquitoes are known for transferring diseases such as malaria, yellow fever, West Nile virus, chikungunya, etc. this pest can manually be controlled by removing stall water, especially gutters.



Termites are small insects that feed on wood material, which poses a high risk to your properties. They look pale with a soft body, and they live with their colonies, which are always plentiful in size. Termites are also liable to damage your paintings and make it look like it been damaged by water or noticing a hole on wood materials in your homes; that's a sign of termite infestation. If you find this pest challenging to control, consult your pest control technicians.


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